Reptile farm family tour in Saint-Eustache

Would you like to visit a reptile farm with your family? Visit Exotarium ferme de reptiles in Saint-Eustache.

Family activities

Enjoy a unique and memorable experience at our reptile refuge. We organize activities that will allow you to touch the animals.

Is your child afraid of reptiles? It's an excellent opportunity to show him or her that behind their terrifying appearance, the reptiles are fascinating creatures.

We will ensure that the tour goes smoothly, without stress or fear.

eptile farm family tour Saint-Eustache

A pure moment of entertainment.


Improving the general knowledge of children

Visiting our farm is an excellent opportunity to enrich your general knowledge and that of your children. We will give you some basic information about the habits, reproduction and social life of the reptiles.

You will also learn about the different specimens living in our farm, including the quiet animals (turtles, iguanas...) as well as more agitated ones (lizards, snakes, dwarf crocodiles...)

Visit our farm. You will love the experience!

eptile farm family tour Saint-Eustache

We will also provide in-depth information on the various specimens available on our farm.



  •     Child: $12
  •     Adult: $15
  •     Family: $50 (Maximum 2 adults and 2 children)

Taxes included

A wide variety of reptiles, a welcoming staff, an exotic setting... All the conditions are there to make your stay on our farm a pleasant one.

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846 Ch. Fresnière

Saint-Eustache J7R 0G2, QC