Reptile farm in Saint-Eustache

Numerous specimens

Our farm is home to cold-blooded animals: reptiles, amphibians, etc. You will discover more than 300 animals such as turtles, caimans and crocodiles. You will also find different species of snakes (pythons, cobras, diamondback rattlesnakes, etc.) and lizards like the famous day gecko of Madagascar.

Information documents on the specific characteristics of each animal are visible between vivariums, aquariums and large glass cages. You will be able to touch our animals during our interactive presentations.

Reptile farm Saint-Eustache

Documents providing general information are available.


Various activities

Do reptiles disgust you? You'll change your mind when you visit our farm. We will help you overcome and eliminate your repugnance towards these animals and thus make way for fascination.

To stimulate your curiosity, we offer various activities during which you can touch some animals. And if you wish, we can even place a snake on your shoulder. In any case, we advise you to follow our instructions carefully.

Reptile farm Saint-Eustache

We want to make your aversion to these animals disappear and make way for fascination.


Do you like reptiles? Visit Exotarium ferme de reptiles in Saint-Eustache. You will discover a wide variety of specimens.

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