Self-guided tour of a reptile farm in Saint-Eustache

Visit our reptile farm in Saint-Eustache for a self-guided tour.

A broad diversity of cold-blooded animals

We are pleased to welcome you to our farm to discover some extraordinary animals: the reptiles. You will enjoy contemplating the iguanas, who are a little discreet, as well as the caimans and crocodiles who are more agitated in their greenhouses.

We will bring you on a journey to a fascinating world during your visit. Don't let unusual or even worrying noises like crackling between vivariums startle you. They are made by the snakes on the farm. We host several species, including pythons, cobras and diamondback rattlesnakes.

Self-guided tour of Saint-Eustache reptile farm

We have different species of snakes.


An enjoyable time with the family

You will love the moments you spend in our animal sanctuary. Our farm is the perfect place to have a fun family day out. If your children are afraid of reptiles, this will be an opportunity for you to teach them to overcome their aversion.

But there are not only crocodiles on our farm. We also have a colony of North American turtles and lizards of all kinds. Among them, the gecko of Madagascar will fascinate you with its small size.

Don't wait to introduce your children to these extraordinary animals.

Self-guided tour of Saint-Eustache reptile farm

Help your children to overcome their fear.



  •     Child: $12
  •     Adult: $15
  •     Family: $50 (Maximum 2 adults and 2 children)

Taxes included

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